This blog explores how to draw connections between books and museums. I want to encourage museum visitors to expand their learning (before or after) seeing an exhibition and demonstrate how encountering tangible objects in context can enrich the stories one reads.

I have found that museum objects can clarify the little details in stories that are beyond my personal understanding – from the everyday objects of other cultures and time periods to the conception of beauty, as captured in artwork. On the other hand, stories of human lives (whether fictional or not) personalize museum displays and connect the objects to my own experiences.

About me

My name is Brittany Curtis. I have been in love with museums since I asked my father if we could go “see the bones” at the American Museum of Natural History instead of the Sesame Street Live concert I was supposed to be enjoying. My travels have brought me to many different museums and heritage sites and I am also a voracious reader (five bookshelves and counting), and I hope to share some of my adventures, both real and fictional, with you.

If you’re interested in my academic work in anthropology and museum studies, check out my Academia page. If you’re more interested in what books I’m reading at the moment, go to my Goodreads page.

Thanks for exploring!!